[GloryHoleSecrets.com] Gina, Trinity (Trinity's first Glory Hole Video POV Camera / b 018 / 26-08-2013) [2013, BBW, Blow Jobs, Brunettes, 720p, SiteRip]

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Trinity's first Glory Hole Video POV Camera
Starring: Gina, Trinity
Title: Trinity's first Glory Hole Video POV Camera
Studio: GloryHoleSecrets.com
Release Date: 26-08-2013
Duration: 01:00:02
Genres: BBW, Blow Jobs, Brunettes
You will be able to see Trinity has some experince sucking cock. She see the first cock come through the hole and gets right to business, She must be good as the first guys cums in her mouth in just a few mintues, she swallows the sweet load and moves on to cock number 2 as she foundles his balls and strokes his cock you can see his balls tighten up right before he cums in her mouth. As Trinity is milking cock 3 our good friend Gina decides to make a surprise appearance. Gina jumps on cock 4 stroking and sucking the head and balls until he dumps his load all over her tongue as usaul Gina shows the big load of cum in her mouth and sucks the last few drops from his cock head. Gina and Trinity pull a double on the next guys sucking and jerking his cock till he cum in Gina mouth and all over Trinity. The girls move on to cock 6 together teasing his head and sqeezing his balls and begs for his load to be in her mouth. Trinity works on cock 7 while Gina finishes cock 6. Gina moves over to help Trinity suck off the next cock till it squirts all the girls, Gina makes sure not to let any cum go to waste. Cock 8 puts his cock through the hole and Trinity starts jerking it till he cums then Gina shares his load with Trinity through a nice cum kiss between the girls. Cock 9 gets a nice treat as Gina sucks and jerks his cock and Trinity plays with his balls. . Cock 10 is a cock Gina really likes she sucks his cock masterfully till he cums in her mouth and on her face. Trinity starts off on cock 10 till he cums in Trinitys mouth and they share another load with each other via a bit a spit swapping. Gina pushes Trinitys head down as she sucks cock 11. Dont worry Gina we have more cocks for you as cock number 12 pushes through the hole Gina sucks his balls as Trinity suck his cock head and jerks his cock into Ginas mouth they finish the 12th cock together savoring each drop of his cum. Cock number 13 gives them a nice huge load for them to share.
Quality: SiteRip 720p
Format: mp4
Video: MPEG4 Video 1280x720 29fps 3500kbps [V: English [eng] (mpeg4 simple profile, yuv420p, 1280x720, 3500 kb/s)]
Audio: AAC 48000Hz mono 64kbps [A: SoundHandler [eng] (aac lc, 48000 Hz, mono, 64 kb/s)]


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