[Tushy.com] Blair Williams (What Am I Worth To You? / 31-05-2017) [2017 г., Anal, Blonde, Big ass, Big tits, Doggystyle, Riding, Facial, Reverse cowgirl, Gape, SiteRip]

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Blair Williams - What Am I Worth To You?
Имя актрисы: Blair Williams
Название: What Am I Worth To You?
Cайт: Tushy.com
Дата релиза: 31-05-2017
Жанр: Anal, Blonde, Big ass, Big tits, Doggystyle, Riding, Facial, Reverse cowgirl, Gape
Продолжительность: 00:39:28
Blair has always worked for a living. She does well as a waitress in classy establishments where the clientele leave generous tips. After meeting Christian, he always shows her how much he appreciates her services, even with his wife sitting close by. One day he comes in alone and asks Blair to join him for drinks. She agrees, and after he tips her very well to spend the weekend with him, things take the course she expects - with an added bonus.
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